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Helping parents of children with learning disabilities make each day a little more functional

OT's helping children reach their potential

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) defines occupational therapy (OT) as “the therapeutic use of everyday life activities (occupations) with individuals or group to enhance …

5 easy ways to increase focus in a virtual class

With school back in session, I’m sure you have either seen or have a child that cannot stay focused for long. They are consistently bouncing …

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Well, it’s that time of year again and last spring has repeated itself.That’s right parents, time to pull out the devices, set up the kitchen …

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Hey! I'm Erika

I started the virtual bell blog and podcast to help parents of children with learning disabilities with hopes of making each day a little more functional. I’m providing useful information and product suggestions to help get your child through each school day. With hopes of delivering some mental relief to you! So join me and let’s get through this school year and every day together!

Erika Hartfield

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3 Tips To Teach Your Child How To Read

Learning to read at a young age is important for the development of children. It helps them develop a better understanding of their surroundings. Allowing …

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