Program review- children learning reading

Program Review: Children Learning Reading

Is the development and education of your child important to you? And have you been searching for a program that will help you teach your child to read? If this is sounding familiar, please continue reading. I’m personally always searching for better programs or different ways of teaching my students and I think I discovered something worth checking out.

Recently I came across a step-by-step program that helps parents easily teach their children to read. What I like about this program is that as long as your child speaking. This program will help you teach your child to read fluently! Just like most people, I had trouble believing that a program could fluently teach 2 and 3-year-olds to read effectively. However, my doubts were quickly put to rest when I saw video proof of small children reading.

The authors of the program, Jim and Elena, had developed their Children Learning Reading program. They then used this program to teach their children to read before turning 3. They showed various clips of their young 2-year-old daughter reading. I was surprised to see how capable their daughter was at reading at such a young age. I did not expect to see small 3-year-old children capable of reading children’s books! Here’s a video for you to see:

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Who Is the Program Designed For?

The Children Learning Reading program is for parents with young children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. With a purpose to teach toddlers and small children to read effectively. This program is not for very young children or children who have not learned to speak as of yet.

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The goal of the Children Learning Reading program is to help your child learn to decode printed text quickly. To read fluently through the critical process of developing phonemic awareness. Children who lack phonemic awareness most likely have reading difficulties and end up being poor readers. Jim & Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is a simple, straight forward, step-by-step program. Their program includes simple exercises and practices starting the very first lessons. These lessons work to help your child develop phonemic awareness and learn to read. Clinical studies and even the National Reading Panel has stated that helping children develop phonemic awareness is one of the most effective ways to teach children to read.

How Does the Children Learning Reading Program Work?

The program has two stages. And each stage comes with an instruction book and step-by-step lessons. In stage 1, your child develops all the foundational skills of learning to read. Once your child has advanced to stage 2, the lessons start to get slightly more advanced. This 2nd stage helps to advance your child’s already impressive reading skills developed from the very first lesson.

In the first stage, there are a total of 28 lessons. The lessons start with the building blocks of reading printed text. Secondly, the alphabet letters and sounds are introduced to your child in a stepped, sensible, and intuitive order. Next, very simple words and blending exercises are introduced very early on. And as your child progresses, more complicated words, sentences, stories, and rhymes are slowly introduced. So by the time you’ve complete stage one lessons with your child, your child will have developed superb reading skills that will leave you surprised and amazed.

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After finishing the first stage, your child is advanced to the 2nd. Within this stage, there are 22 lessons in total. The 2nd stage involves teaching more complicated matters in dealing with reading. And one of the main focuses of this stage is teaching your child letter combinations, also known as digraphs. Also, in this lesson, the words, sentences, lesson stories, and rhymes are more advanced. They all work together to increase your child’s reading skills and reading fluency.

What I like about this program is that it doesn’t force your child to e memorize any phonics rules! What’s great about Jim & Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is that throughout the entire program, your child is really learning how to read! Because of this, I believe that their program is so effective at teaching children to read.

One last plus of this program I want to talk about is that the step-by-step lessons are designed to be quick and effective. With the short attention span of small children, short lessons like these will be much more effective and productive. These lessons take no longer than 5- 10 minutes to complete. So to teach your child to read, all that you need to do is follow the lessons step-by-step. And spend 5-10 minutes each day consistently teaching your child to read. And within 12 short weeks, you will be extremely pleased that you have taken the time and effort to give your child the most important skill in life – reading!

The Children Learning Reading program gets my 100% recommendation.

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