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About The Virtual Bell

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Welcome to The Virtual Bell! My name is Erika and I am happy you decided to read more about what I have to offer.

I am a certified occupational therapy assistant who wanted to offer more support to parents of children with learning disabilities in the school system.

I provide treatment to children with various learning disabilities including dyslexia, NVLD, and dysgraphia to name a few.

I started this blog to help parents and teachers by providing useful information to better assist their children/ students outside of OT (occupational therapy).

Within this blog, you can expect to find information and product suggestions that will help parents assist their children to improve their handwriting, social skills, better understand sensory regulation among many other useful topics.

With the majority of my students struggling with handwriting, this blog will really focus on improving handwriting in children with learning disabilities.

Here at The Virtual Bell, I am always open to discuss any school-based topics and help parents with questions along the way. Feel free to reach out by emailing me here.

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