10 Ways To Improve Handwriting Skills
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10 incredibly easy ways to improve handwriting skills

Could your child’s handwriting skills use a bit of boost? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, I’m going to list 10 easy things that you can start doing today that will help them to improve their handwriting skills! Oh, by the way, these are all favorites in my classroom!

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Painting with Q-tips

This activity helps develop the small muscles of the hand and is simple to set up! Just grab some non-toxic paint, a Q-tip, and a paper plate and let them paint their way to improved fine motor/ handwriting skills!

Dot to Dots

Doing dot to dot puzzles help improve contraction, hand-eye coordination, and helps with pencil pressure, all skills required for improving handwriting skills.

Shaving Cream Writing

Kids love messy play! Let’s be honest writing the same letter again and again on paper can get pretty boring. Shaking things up with shaving cream is fun for children and gets them motivated to improve those letter skills!

Playdoh Letters

Playdoh is perfect for increasing hand strength and kids love to roll the doh to form letters, which helps with letter reinforcement. Fun tip: I pair playdoh letters with video modeling to increase engagement.

Chalkboard Writing

All kids love to write on the chalkboard! Chalkboard writing lets them write on a vertical surface, which puts their wrist in an extended position. With the wrist in this position, it helps to stabilize their hand for better pencil grip and control when writing. Fun tip: I have a student who asks to write on the board as a reward for getting all of her classwork done!

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Writing in Boxes

Writing letters in boxed paper helps control letter size and takes writing up a notch versus just writing on paper. Kids love it! Fun tip: have your child do boxed crossword puzzles, it’s fun and they forget they are working on handwriting skills.

10 incredibly easy ways to improve handwriting skills

Writing on Hi-Write Paper

Hi-write paper has a yellow highlighted section on the paper that is great for kids needing to see where to place letters on the baseline. This paper comes in a variety of writing levels to meet your child where they are and help them advance to the next level!

Video Modeling

This makes writing fun! Kids can watch, learn, and imitate what they see. Learning without tears is offering a free 90 day trial of an interactive video that makes learning letter formation fun! Check it out here Hitt.Lwtears.com

Use tongs or tweezers to pick up small items

This is a great way to build hand muscles in children. Have your child pick up beads with the tongs and place them in a cup. Fun tip: My students love to play Shelby’s Snack Shack!

Try a pencil grip

Using a pencil grip may help with muscle fatigue, which could be making it hard for your child to write neatly. A pencil grip can be a short term fix until your child’s hands have become stronger from trying the activities listed above! I recommend getting a variety pack, so you can see which one fits comfortably in your child’s hand.

These simple activities will not only build up your child’s hand strength but make the tasks of improving handwriting skills FUN! Building hand strength is one of the first steps in improving handwriting skills, being that muscle fatigue leads to messy handwriting.

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So comment below and let me know if you have or will try any of the activities listed above. Happy Handwriting! If you enjoyed this article filled with plenty of ways to improve your child’s handwriting skills, use the share buttons and pass it along! Thanks!

The Virtual Bell-10 easy Ways To Improve Handwriting Skills

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to read through my tips. I truly hope that the tips I’ve listed above can help so many more children with improving their handwriting skills!☺️

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